Monday, July 28, 2014


 means dark lady in Greek. Awesome person and someone you should definitely get to know. Someone funny and loves to make people laugh. Isn't afraid to get embarrassed and a great friend. Hard to be serious at times, but she's always going to make the right choices in the end. A very lovely lady and great at pranks. Someone whose outgoing 
A person who will always get to the point and hates too many details. It wont interest her - AT ALL. Will listen and hear things that you wont even have to say out loud. She naturally understands people and accepts them. Even the weird and different. Has extremely high ambition and morality but wont force any on anyone else. 
Loves to flirt. Is Beautiful. Gets lots of attention. Good to bring to any party. 
Loves cartoon characters and she will ALWAYS be a big kid herself ! 
Very girly/ good at fashion but will still play video games and play wrestle now and again. Has a million followers. 
DON'T EVER EVER argue with a Melanie. 
Shes right. YOUR wrong. End of story. 
It doesn't matter if you had a point , she has ten reasons why your one reason doesn't work. AND even if its not logical - coming from HER its the most Intelligent and believable thing you have EVER heard in your life! She is lawyer material. 
Just shut up
Shes right. 
Your wrong. 
Everyone's  happy. 
Or at least you will be...shes very loving and forgiving and fun to be around. So DON'T waste time arguing! Go to that party or that mall. Where there's a Mel there's a new adventure! willing to try new things. She's pretty, smart.
 ~Urban Dictionary~

I had and idea to write about my daughter Melanie, I was going through all my thoughts on how I wanted to describe her...Then I remembered Urban Dictionary and so did a search on her name and this is what came up.  You know what? It fits her to a T!! I would like to add that she is fiercely loyal and she will get your back in a moments notice. 

She is loving and kind and wants to please others without losing herself in the process.  The sense of humor she has is amazing and funny, maybe a little off at times...but whose isn't??.

I love this girl with all my heart.  She has put plenty of smiles in my heart and on my face.  Melanie, daughter of mine you make me proud in more ways that you will ever know.  God truly gave me an angel when He made you. Love you to the moon and back and then to infinity and beyond. ~Mom

GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: EnglishGermanDutch
PRONOUNCED: MEL-ə-nee (English), ME-lah-nee (German)   [key]
Meaning & History
From the French form of the Latin name Melania, derived from Greek μελαινα (melaina) meaning "black, dark". This was the name of a Roman saint who gave all her wealth to charity in the 5th century. Her grandmother was also a saint with the same name.
The name was common in France during the Middle Ages, and was it introduced from there to England, though it eventually became rare. Interest in it was revived by the character Melanie Wilkes from the novel 'Gone with the Wind' (1936) and the subsequent movie adaptation (1939).
Related Names
VARIANTS: MelanyMellony (English)
DIMINUTIVES: MelMelinaMelindaMindyMalindaMelantha (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Melánie (Czech)Mélanie (French)Melánia (Hungarian)Melania (Italian)Melania (Late Roman),Melanija (Macedonian)Melania (Polish)Melanija (Serbian)Melánia (Slovak)Melanija (Slovene)Melania (Spanish) ~Behind the Name~

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

There is Truth is this Claim it!

 This is Francesca Battistelli, she is an amazing Christian music artist.  Here is the link to her new video He Knows My Name from her If We are Honest album.  enjoy there is truth in this song, claim it for yourself. Just my 2Cents~Missie

I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me. John 10:14

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Love of a Child

Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from him.
 Psalm 127:3 

The love a child to me is the one of the most amazing gifts God can give us.  As a parent I can not begin to fathom how and why my children love me.  For I am not perfect and I make mistakes on a daily basis.  Yet at the end of the day I can look at my children and know that they love me unconditionally. I can honestly say with every fiber of my being the feelings are mutual.  When children are born their whole lives are dependent on us.  My point is that the love and trust they have for us is given to us at such a young age.  As they grow older into toddler years that love and trust is still there.  Even when as an adult I didn't always make decisions with their best interest in mind.  Sometimes I would even put my needs first.  Not something that I am proud to admit, but something I have done in the past.  I look back now and I am amazed that they still call me mom.  I will let you in on a little secret...God is the reason why they still love me and are in my life.  Without Him stepping in and showing how much He loves me.  Without me letting go and letting God be the center of our lives my family would not be the family it is today.  We are not perfect, but we are there for each other willing to do what it takes. Now that my children are older I look at each one of them in their own individual light. I see them for what they are and how amazing they are.  Again I am humbled by the gift God has given me.  I just want you to realize that God is in control and if you don't have the relationship you want with your own child.  Don't loose hope, keep giving it to God. He is the almighty restorer and all thing are possible with Him.  I am not saying this is going to be an easy road to travel,but with God it can be done.  I have four kids, two girls and two boys.  There was a time when my oldest girl and I was barely speaking to each other, now we are the best of friends.  Now I am living with my second oldest girl and we are rediscovering a lost relationship that I did not realize how far apart we had become.  This new discovery is wonderful and I look forward to making it stronger and stronger.  Again, I give God the full credit for the restoration He is providing.  God is faithful just trust in His timing. He means all things that we go through for the good.  At the time of the trial we may not understand the reasons behind what is going on, but God does and He has got our back.       Just my 2cents, Missie


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Simple Things...

For the past 5 years I had been fighting heart pain.  Why did I not go to the doctor to get it checked out? out? One simple word...Pride... Yup pride kept me from going in to the doctor to see what was wrong with my heart.  I did not want to admit that something was wrong with me.  I changed my eating habits and started walking, which turned into 2 days of weekly exercise.  The pain eased up but never went away.  Now 5 years later just before I am to move to Twin Falls to start a new chapter of my life.  I was house sitting doing nothing but relaxing.   My heart really started to hurt then I got scared that I was having the symptoms of a heart attack.  I called my daughter, Jessica and she went to the emergency room with me.  The good news was I was not having a heart attack, but they could not find a reason for the heart pain.  I was referred to a cardiologist for additional testing.  I had been taking 3-4 ibuprofen pills about every 3 hours and drinking a lot of caffeine which was not making anything better.  After going to the emergency room I quite taking the medicine and eased up on the coffee.  I had basically over medicated myself in order to fight the pain.  I was scared to take the medicine and find myself right back where I started.  I did not give up my daily Americano's, then I noticed after I drank them my heart started to hurt. I called my doctor and she had me come in for an after emergency room follow up.  As I was telling her what my symptoms where she looked at me smiled and then asked me what I thought was wrong.  In that moment I knew what was wrong...I was stressed beyond belief and my body was trying to tell me about it.  She agreed then told me to quite drinking caffeine.  What??? no caffeine for 3-4 months?? Is she kidding?? Does she not know how much I love my coffee?? Then I remembered why I was here and I agreed with the treatment plan she was giving me.  I am now here in Twin, taking medicine for stress and anxiety, and drinking decaf.  My heart pain only flairs up every now and then. I just take a moment take a deep breath and try to relax.  I now only take the ibuprofen for pain if I need to.  The stress and anxiety medicine has definitely taken the edge off of things.  I am only to be taking this medicine for about 4 months maybe less if thing improve the way they should. Now days I take things as they come, and I take time for the simple things.  As I sit here drinking my cup of decaf sharing part of my life with you in hopes that I bring you encouragement.  My prayer is that things that I write about give you courage to get through the ups and down life gives you.  My prayer is that you have a relationship with the One who created you. Just know He loves you beyond your wildest imagination.  If you ever need a prayer partner let me know.  My advice to you is listen to what the Lord is saying to you, take time for the simple things and finally enjoy life that God gave you.  Just my 2cents, Missie  


Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebration of Independence!!

Taking a moment to wish all of you Happy 4th of July! As you go through your day take time and be thankful for the true meaning of this day.  Blessings to you all, enjoy the time you have with your family.  Give them extra hugs and say I love you more.  They are precious gifts from God just for you. Just my 2cents, Missie

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Twin Falls...

I am moving...this is something that I had not planned to do...but when the decision to move was made felt right on so many levels.  I have lived in the Kuna/Meridian area all my life, so the move to Twin is really a big step for me.Why am I moving? One is to go to College of Southern Idaho, it has a great nursing program. Two to be closer to my daughter Melanie, her brothers and I have an opportunity to reconnect with her.  Three...a story for a different day.  I am really excited about this new chapter in my life.  This a chance to start fresh and learn new things about myself.  A chance to step way out of my comfort zone.  What I leave behind in Meridian is very near and dear to me.  My oldest daughter just got married to an amazing man who I know will take care of her.  This is one of the reasons I could move with peace in my heart.  I will be leaving a Church family who I was getting to know and love.  I leave my bestie who has been there for me through my ups and downs.

Now as I move to Twin, I must admit I am a little anxious of what lays ahead.  To help with this I am asking God to plant my family in a church and to send me some girlfriends I can relate with.  Friends that will help me grow in Him.  I look forward to the new school year, it is going to be a tough one.  I have the opportunity to apply to nursing school this October!!! Just saying that makes me feel like my dreams of becoming a nurse is so much closer.  I just know as God closes one door He is opening many others.  I know that He has my best interest in mind and I trust Him with all that I have.  If God is asking you to step out of your comfort zone or change something in your life so drastically...Just listen and trust He has got your back.  Just my 2cents, Missie