Monday, October 27, 2014

Doors open...Doors closes...

 God put a million million doors
 in the world,
For His love to walk through,
One of those doors is you.
 ~Jason Gray~

One thing God has really been teaching me lately is the importance of letting Him open doors for me. Yet, at the same time letting Him close certain doors that I have been blocking open so they won't shut.  Let me ask you this? Have you ever went to open a door and was pushing on it and it would not open?  Then you look at the door closer and realize it is meant to open by pulling on the handle.  Well, if you think about it that is a glimpse of what we do to God.  We are so busy trying to do things in our own strength we forget to let Him be in control.  We go through out our day struggling and barely maintaining, when if we would just listen life would be much easier.  Some of us have very independent spirits going through life putting ourselves in charge.  If you are doing this you are not alone, I am right there with you, because I know that my way is definitely better.  When in the truth of the matter I am way off base.  When I decided to let God guide my steps things started to happen in my life that I never dreamed would happen.  I finally stopped pushing on that door that was meant to be pulled open.  Let me share a secret with you: an ah-ah moment I had...God is meant to be there for you, He is meant to guide your steps, He is meant to protect you.  Let me add He is not a controlling God, he loves you that is why He gave you a free will.  A will to decide what you want to do with your life.  This is one of the things that I love about my God.  He loves me so much that wants to give me a choice.  Well I chose Him in a heart beat!!  I know from experience that He has my best interest in mind.  Let me give you an example: I recently walked through a door that was opened for me, a door that needed in the long run to be closed.  He knew that I needed to open this door and walk through, it to learn that He has something better for me.   Sometimes He allows us to go through things in His strength not ours.  By doing this we can know that He is with us the entire time.  Waiting for us to turn to Him with trust and a open heart.  Yet, there are times when He firmly closes a door, and we don't know why.  We may be standing there going what just happened??? In that moment instead of being angry with Him, we should be thanking Him for protecting us.  This is easier said than done, for we let our human side get in the way.  Trust me I have done that a time or two...maybe three or four...okay maybe more than I can count.  Just remember in any situation there will be a choice on whether or not to open or close a door.  My prayer for you is that you give it to God. 

Don't be stressed or let anything steal your peace from what God has for you...You are loved!...just trust in the door He is opening and closing for you. Just my 2cents~Missie

Friday, October 24, 2014

God Opened Loves Door...

If I hear the phrase, "maybe you are meant to be single" one more time...I am going to scream!!  When I felt in my heart of hearts that God had someone special for me.  I knew I was not to spend the rest of my life single.  What I had to realize is that I could not let my desire to be married become an obsession.   I had to learn to let go and give it to God.  I had to let my wants and desires become His not mine.  I have to be honest with you I went around that mountain more than once.  I even planted  some flowers and built a park bench on that dreadful mountain.   I can laugh at it now, but just a couple of years ago I probably would be crying instead. Calling out to God asking what is wrong with me.  Then it hit me one day maybe I am not ready to be someones helpmate.  With this thought process starting to form, I then turned my what is wrong with me plea into to make me worthy.  Better yet help me become worthy of being someones wife.  I slowly opened my tightly closed hand, opened it palm side up, and said God I give this to you.  Wow!! Such freeeeeeddddommmm!! Such freedom I felt when I finally let go.  I found God on a different level I had never have had before. Yes, I had my relapses and I would find myself starting to climb the mountain again.  The difference this time was with God's help I could see what I was doing and stop climbing.

Then God did something amazing for me!! He introduce me to a man who taught me how to love the way He intends us to love.  A man who puts God first and is willing to help me in my relationship with the One who created me. A man who builds me up and tells me daily how beautiful I am.  For the first time in my life I am starting to believe that  I am beautiful.  My friend Jennifer has a saying, a woman blossoms like a flower when a man loves her.  The thing I would like to add to  is when a couple puts God first they both blossom.  With God at the center of the relationship it has a fighting chance.  I am not saying that the relationship is going to be all rosy and nothing goes wrong.  In fact, there will be times when it will get down right difficult.  In the moments of trial is the time to  be open and honest...even if it hurts. To not let pride get in the way of making things right.

  I thank God daily for Ray.  He has put him in my life only to better it.  I for once feel a completeness that I have not ever felt before.  This is not meant to take away from my relationship I have with God, only in a has deepened it.  I ask God daily to guide me into becoming the wife He has called me to be, and I pray daily that we remember to put God first in our relationship. My prayer for you is what ever is keeping you from realizing what God has for you.  You open your hand palm side up and let go.  If you are not sure what is holding you back, meet God in a quiet place and ask Him.  He will tell you in a gentle loving way.  Just remember that doubt and condemnation is not what God has for us, so if you are feeling this ask God to help you.  He will for He loves you with a never ending love and He only wants the best for you..What I hope you take away from this is: There is freedom in Christ, let go, and let God bless your hearts desires the way He wants to.  Just my 2cents, Missie


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reading God's Word?

Confession time...I don't read my bible everyday...Maybe I should explain myself.  I was taught that you need to read it everyday and to memorize God's word.  I completely agree that the bible should be read daily for this is how we learn the teachings of Christ.  Where my struggle was memorizing the scripture. The leaders of my church would always ask me, "how is your walk with God, how is your daily bible reading, how are you doing in getting into the word and memorizing it"?  I would give the cookie cutter answer...My walk with God is great, I know he loves me, I really try to read my bible every day, I am struggling with memorizing His word.  Then I would receive the look, you know the one.  The one that says you are not trying hard enough.  The look that stated if you really loved the Lord like you say you do, you would obey His commandments by getting deeply into His word.  Getting His word so embedded into your heart that when you are asked for a scripture it came readily to my tongue.  Then would come the "loving" counsel on what I could do better.  How I could manage my time better, how I could focus more on Him than earthly things. We would set up an appointment to revisit this issue to see if I was able to resolve my struggle in any way.  I would nod in agreement thank them more loving me enough to help me through this.  I would then walk away feeling like a failure, because I was not holy enough to embed Christ's word in my heart.  I would cry out to God and ask Him what is wrong with me that I can't do a simple thing like memorize His word.  I knew the stories of the bible, I knew what God wanted from me, and yet I felt like I was failing Him.  A small part of me knew that this type on condemnation was not from Him, but from man.  Another thing that would happen if I went to a leader for counsel  the scripture was used to condom me.  Meaning it was used in such a way that I always felt like missing the mark.  The thing is I trusted this leadership to guide me with a Christ love and to help me with life in a Godly biblical counsel. One day I was speaking to a good friend telling him a little about my struggle.  His reply really opened up my eyes.  Yes, you need to get into God's word daily, don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or two.  Isn't better to know the teachings of Christ and to really know them? The bible is His words to life and as long as we read it and learn from it then everything is okay.  As far as memorizing scripture, yes it is nice to have a couple go to verses.  Don't panic if you tell someone a story in the bible and you can't remember the scripture reference. Remember God's word does not return void and as long as you a planting a seed to bear fruit then you are on the right track.  In addition, scripture is not meant to used as a control tool.  It is a guide to help you with every life situation that you are going through.  With all this being said I can now pick up my bible and read it the way it is meant to be read.  The amazing thing about this process is I am learning to fall in love with His word and I am starting to find that excitement on what He has for me today.  So if you are having this same trouble, relax take a deep breath and give it to God.  This is just my 2cents,