Monday, October 26, 2015


     One thing I have learned this past year is, to remain in Him.  God is my forever constant.  In times of trial I know that I can look to Him and He will always be there.  I have to be honest with you, I  didn't always let Him be in control.  There where times I would take things into my own hands, and then I would end up with a mess.  Sadly, this was not an overnight process of my coming to understand this.  No, I would go about my day with my world crashing around me.  Then I would finally realize that I needed to let go.  When I made that decision my life would get a lot easier.  I am not saying that all my problems would go away.  I just now know how to handle me giving it to God.
     Part of this awakening was when it came to my personal relationships.  I came to a realization that I was putting a lot of effort into people that no longer wanted to be my friend.  I must admit this sting for a while, but then when God showed me what I was missing.  Was my family begging me to see them. They need me to see them for what they are, very precious gems that the Lord gave me.  I am learning  to keep things simple and not let the things of the world stress me out.  I apologized to my family and refocused my energies on them.  I thank God for letting me see what was going on.  I did not want my kids to grow up not really having a relationship with me.  I want them to realize they are extremely important.   I am asking God to help me restore my relationship with Him, asking Him to keep showing me how to remain in Him and Him only.  At night as I close my eyes to sleep I say a prayer of thanks for things that He has provided for me.  I ask Him to walk me through my day, to tell me about my success and my needs to improve on. I ask Him to continue to help me see my family the way that He does, and to remind me daily how precious they are to me.  I encourage you to do the say, ask God to show you how to remain in Him.  Ask Him to show you your daily success and your daily need to improve ons.  Just know that there is no doubt and condemnation that comes from Him.  Just open your heart to what He has to say, have the confidence He is talking to you in love.  Just my2cents