Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Here is a story of two amazing people,my  daughter and her husband.  On Christmas day they found out that they were expecting.  They kept the news to themselves, because they wanted to make sure, and and tell everyone when the time is right.  At 9 weeks, I get a text message from my daughter asking is if I was working.  I replied yes, and then she told me her and Justin would be stopping by my work.  They have a gift for me.  They came to my work, handed me a the gift said it was mine, but I could not keep it.  I opened it and it was a infant size BSU jersey.  Imagine my joy when I realized what this meant!!  Pure joy was on their face!! Then a test of my faith was given to me.

A few days ago I got the baby does not have a heart beat.  My world turned upside down.  I prayed with Jessica and just listened to what she had to say.  What makes this news so hard is that it is her second miscarriage.  When I had heard the news that they were pregnant, I knew God had been listening and answered my prayers.  Now I turn to Him and try not to ask why, but to let Him be in control.  I must admit it is not easy.  Right now my focus is on my daughter and making sure she is okay.  I do daily check ins and we talk, I ask how Justin is doing.  Her response is we are good, we are both grieving, and we are okay. I know God has a plan, and I have put my trust in Him.  Just know that if you are in a journey you are not alone...Just my 2cents...

Here is the link to Jessica's blog post about the baby.