Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pup, Pup

The gentleman you see picture here is an amazing man.  He saved this dogs life, here is his story: My son Corry and I was getting ready to meet my daughter Melanie to go back to school shopping.  I was driving down the road I see this dog hanging out the window of an RV struggling with everything that he had.  I pulled over got out and was trying to figure out how to get the dog free from his deadly leash.  As you can imagine he was fighting and in full panic mode.  What he had done was jump through the open mess covered window of the RV. It was close to 100 on the outside, so I can only imagine how hot it was on the inside.  I started talking to the dog telling him he was going to be okay and I would get him down.  I called him pup pup and just kept talking in a calm smooth manner.  I was frantic how was I going to get this dog free??? As the dog calmed down and was just hanging there Chris pulled up, jumped out of his truck, grabbed the dog and started trying to get Pup Pup free. He told me to stand back because he did not know how this dog was going to react once he was free. After what seemed like an eternity Pup Pup was finally free. Chris gently laid him on the ground, and the dog was not moving.  Chris immediately started CPR.  He was talking to the dog telling it was not his day to die. I leaned down and started petting Pup Pup and also was giving words of encouragement. After about 5-10 mins of this the dog started moving. I had water in my van so I went and got it, Chris gave it to the dog.  While Chris had  been giving CPR  I was on the phone with a police dispatcher, she stated that animal control was not open today and she did not have an officer available.  She asked if I could take him to the vet and the vet would take care of him.  Now that the dog was somewhat stable Chris and I took him to the closest vet there was.  We get the dog there, the vet gives him a clean bill of health.  Pup Pup is going to fine. She ask if we want to file a report, Chris says no it does not look like a case of neglect for the dog looks healthy. The vet agrees and says the dog was very lucky we came along when we did. The unfortunate part of the story was the vet had to charge us for the visit. Chris automatically pulls out $60.00 and says will this cover it. The vet says yes, I offer to pay some of it and Chris would not accept my money.  I know that the vet did not charge him the full amount of the visit.  When we were checking out she told the receptionist that this would be enough. We went to take the dog back home and the owner was not there.  Chris left a note with his number saying I have your dog everything is okay call me if you want him back.  I give a personal shout out to Chris for going the extra mile to save the life of Pup Pup.  This speaks volumes to me, because as he was giving CPR to the dog he was very close to tears.  Some may say this is just a dog, but my thought process is if one is going to give so much love and care to animal.  Then this is a special kind of person who God will smile down upon daily.  This type of person puts himself above others while not caring what the cost is. Chris, I pray that God bless you above and beyond what you bless others with.  Just my 2cents, Missie