Monday, January 2, 2017


Last year I decided instead of making a New Years resolution I would chose a phrase.  Lasts years was Game On!  Well to be honest last year was more like holding on.  I should have called it the year of the struggle.  Don't get me wrong there was some great moments, but... Or maybe I should have called it the Year of Spiritual Growth...Year of the Battle...I think you can see where I am going here.  I let the enemy come in and steal my joy, my peace, and my comfort. With this in mind I chose to Own everything thing that the enemy took from me!! I am not a victim!  I am strong in the One who created me!  I am bold in the One who holds my future.  I my friend am the daughter of the King!  With His grace and strength I will walk like a GIANT! I will claim success for my family, friends, and fiances.

I claim this for you as well!  Take a moment to reflect on what you have lost and claim it back!  My warning to you is don't camp out on it.  Build a bridge and get over the stuff that happened in the past, this is why it is called the past.  I will claim victory for you as well.  You are meant to strive and not fail.  Rebuke the lies the enemy is telling you, look to the Light and let it shine through the darkness the enemy has you in.  This is not where you belong!  Don't continue to give the devil power, crush it's head with your heel! This were he belongs beneath you, not controlling you!  I challenge you to OWN IT!  You can find your own catch phrase for 2017.  Give it to God and ask Him to help you with it.  Dear friend, your are worthy don't forget it...Just my 2cents!