Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rest in His Presence

As I was worshiping in church today, the Lord gave me a word.  He does this sometimes, so this time I decided to write it down.  In that decision I made a promise to Him and myself that I would start writing His words as He speaks them to me.  Sometimes the words come with great urgency, because of this I am beginning to understand the importance behind them.  A lot of times they are for me, but I feel sometimes they might be for someone else as well.  Sometimes He will provide an image to go with what He is saying.  Here is today's...

The image is of a person walking thru the desert.  This person is lost, defeated, and tired.  They are looking searching for someone to bring them a sense of joy and a sense of peace.  In addition, they are looking for rest.

Then the Lord shows me water...His living water.  This  living water is endless and never dries.  Notice the greenery around it and notice the water fall flowing in to the water below.  The words He spoke to explain these images are:  Even though you are walking thru a dry water less land this is not the end or how I created life for you to be.  I created you to be an Overcomer!!  How you are to overcome is thru My Presence. Come drink from My living waters, I will fill you with a new joy and I will you with a new spirit. A new spirit will rise up in you, drink from my everlasting waters.  For I will and I able to sustain you.  Rest in My presence  relax and rest in My presence.  As you were created for My glory, I was created to help you overcome!  

As I share His words spoken to me, my prayer is that whomever reads this will be blessed with the intent of His words.  Life can gives us some serious blows, but we are not to take them alone.  We have an amazing Creator who died for us on the cross so that we may live. Rest in His presence and let Him help you be the Overcomer He created you to be...Just my 2cents, Missie